It's time, beautiful soul!

Life CoachingYou know you’re meant for so much more than what society has expected of you. Deep inside of yourself, your soul is craving to be expressed, in totality. You’re ready to let go of the struggle, the hustle, the worry of what tomorrow will bring.

When you get into alignment, you experience grace, ease, and flow. When you master duality and step into a state of unity and oneness, that is where miracles constantly happen. They become expected, because that is your natural state.

If you’re ready to make a measurable and joyful impact on the world, stand in your fullest expression, make an income based on your soul’s truest expression, and live a life of freedom from false expectations, regret of the past, and worry of the future…

You’ve been guided to the right space. Here and now. There are no coincidences; only signs from the Divine.

It’s time to stand unafraid of acting on the inspiration you receive from the Divine, while opening up to receiving the fruits of your labor – enabling you to feel secure, abundant, and supported.

You are invited to work with me personally 1-1 in a VIP experience!

Divine Co-Creation
Your Highest Path

Together, we’ll connect to the aspect of the Divine Feminine, the dark void, the Cosmic Mother, the shadow… in order to uncover the subconscious blocks within your energy fields that are still holding you back. When these are brought to the surface, you may choose to fully release them in order to move forward.

We will invite the aspect of the Divine Masculine to instill structure and boundaries when needed. If needed, you’ll learn to become more assertive in asking for what you need, and cutting cords when you feel drained.

When these are honored equally, you achieve balance. When you achieve balance in your energy, success follows.

What is Soul Coaching?

Life CoachingSoul Coaching or Spiritual Life Coaching allows you to receive the emotional and spiritual support you need, in a private, 1-1 experience. We’ll create a sacred, safe space for you to talk about your life without fear or judgement. In this space, you are accepted and understood. Each session is 60 minutes and is done via Zoom audio, Skype audio (which may be accessed via a computer or telephone) or phone.

Together, we uncover what has been holding you back, what you wish to release, what you wish to create in this world – and so much more. We go as deep as you feel comfortable going.

I honor where you are currently at, and will help you to move forward into the life you desire.

After our sessions, you’ll feel transformed and ready to take on the world!

Coaching is NOT therapy. I coach in a high vibrational manner, so you become enthusiastic about the possibilities of the future, and take action from a place of inspiration and joy – not from a place of scarcity and lack.

My clients get off the phone buzzing with action steps and high vibrations. During our time together, my clients have:

  • Set personal boundaries in their relationships
  • Began writing their books
  • Started their own profitable businesses, centered on sharing authentically from their hearts
  • Created lifestyles where they can travel the world, not tied to a 9-5 traditional job
  • Launched their first successful group programs
  • Uncovered deeper subconscious blocks that have been stopping them from moving forward
  • Have shifted from stagnant and stuck to living in flow and ease

In this experience, we’ll go as deep as you feel comfortable going. Performing angel readings, communicating with spirit guides, and tapping into the Akashic Records will also assist with overcoming any obstacles we encounter during our sessions together.

Select Your Journey

Pink Sapphire GoddessPink Sapphire Goddess 3-Month Program

(This program is for Soul Expansion/Spiritual Life Coaching. For Business Coaching, please see the Diamond Light Leader Program below.)

This three-month program will enable you to receive metaphysical life coaching on various aspects, with someone who is encouraging and believes in you. Here are just some of the possibilities. Each session is personalized to you and your needs:

-Setting emotional & physical boundaries
-Re-igniting the love/passion in your relationship
-Loving yourself to attract a mate if you desire a relationship
-Discovering your soul’s purpose
-Identifying and releasing subconscious blocks/patterns
-Gaining self confidence, self acceptance, and love for yourself
-Allowing yourself to express your individuality to show the world who you are, without restraint

-Four 60-minute coaching audio calls per month via Zoom, Skype, or phone (12 sessions total)
-Unlimited email support between sessions
-Recommended Reading List
-20% off anything I launch during our time working together (this includes certification programs under the Amethyst Luna Rose School of Metaphysical Arts)

Spots Available: 2

Investment: $333 USD per month for 3 months, or $167 every two weeks, for 6 payments. Pay-in-full to receive a 5% discount.

Pink Sapphire Goddess Monthly Payment   Pink Sapphire Goddess Bi-Weekly Payment   Pink Sapphire Goddess Pay-in-Full

Sacred Business Coaching

Shaman MandalaThroughout our time together, we’ll create:

  • A sense of clarity and purpose in your mission & your audience, so you can impact those who need your gifts and services.
  • A business model tailored to expressing your unique passions and individuality.
  • Offers and services that feel aligned with your highest purpose, and are very appealing to your tribe.
  • An online platform where you can share with your tribe, and easily call-in/manifest sales.
  • A new strategy if something isn’t currently working. We’ll re-organize and re-strategize so you may stop spinning your wheels.

If you’re brand new and don’t have a business yet – this is a perfect starting point! You’ll learn all of the do’s and don’ts I’ve personally learned in my own business & throughout business school. By working together, you’ll skip the confusion and be able to begin from a space of clarity and assurance!

Diamond Love LeaderDiamond Love-Leader 3-Month Program

(This program is for Sacred Business Coaching to help you build your own business.)

-Four 60-minute coaching audio calls per month via Zoom, Skype, or phone (One per week. 12 sessions total)
-Unlimited email support between sessions
-Recommended Reading List
-Lifetime access to my Heal Into Love chakra balancing audio program
-20% off anything I launch during our time working together (this includes certification programs under the Amethyst Luna Rose School of Metaphysical Arts)

Spots Available: 1

Investment: $777 USD per month for 3 months, or $389 every two weeks, for 6 payments. Pay-in-full to receive a 5% discount.


Diamond Love Leader Monthly Payment Plan   Diamond Love Leader Bi-Weekly Payment Plan   Diamond Love Leader Pay In-Full

“Working with Amethyst Luna Rose was effortless. She provided a sacred space for me to be open about my deepest thoughts and feelings and helped me to set real goals to work past my blocks between calls. I can see a real difference in myself from when we began working together and when our sessions were complete. She helped me create momentum in my life where I was feeling stagnated. She helped me set better boundaries in my life to make sure that what feeds my soul got equal attention too. She helped me reach past self doubt and helped me work on speaking my truth, without fear. Her extensive knowledge of the metaphysical realm was an incredible and a powerful asset in making shifts.” – Kate R, Transformation Coach & Spiritual Teacher

“Working with Amethyst Luna Rose was very eye opening for me. She has vast knowledge and clearly explained all I need to know. She told me things about myself without me having said anything and even feelings I had that I wasn’t aware of until she said them out loud. Seriously, wow! She has a true talent and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.” – Jillian C, Travel & Mindset Mentor