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10 Energy Tips for Empaths

Energy Tips for Empaths

Empaths are special souls who absorb the energy of others, and actually feel it in their own bodies. For instance, if someone near an empath has a headache, the empath will then take on the energy of the headache and develop it in their own head.

Many times, empaths are unaware if the energy or condition they are feeling actually belongs to them, or someone else.

Therefore, empaths are “energy sensitive.” They are especially sensitive to the energy around them in their external realities. This is different from “highly sensitive people,” however. Highly sensitive people or HSPs, have senses that are heightened. They typically sense the world around them in a stronger, louder, and more vibrant way.

Whereas an empath will take on the energy of another, a highly sensitive person will create their own perception of how someone else may be feeling. That is why they may think they are an empath, when really – they are creating their own energy and sensations. Whereas, an empath literally feels the energy of those nearby.

I had always known I was energy sensitive, because I can feel certain types of energy where others cannot. For example; I can feel the energy of directed x-rays because they cause me pain.

I had suspected I was an empath early on, but that became solidified when I had the following experience. One day while on vacation, I had my little dog with me in my hotel room. My fiancé and I were getting her ready for a walk, and I put her new harness on. Afterwards, I went into the bathroom and felt a strong sense of worry and terror come over me. I felt like I was having trouble catching my breath, and my upper right arm, shoulder, and neck started feeling as though there was something very wrong.

I then went back into the room, and noticed I put the harness on incorrectly, so my dog’s right front arm was caught near her neck. When I fixed this, I felt the energy in my own body subside immediately. I realized I was connected to her, and took on her energy in my own physical body.

If you know or suspect you may be an empath, this means that many people may drain your own life force energy.

The main way to maintain healthy life force energy is to exude a high energetic vibration, focused on love.  To do this, there are many tips for empaths to guard and protect their energy (so they may keep their vibration high), and they include the following:

1. Shield yourself.

Shielding yourself is an easy process, and does not need to be overcomplicated. This is something that may be done if you cannot do the steps listed below. To shield yourself, simply envision a bubble of pure Divine white light to encompass your entire physical body. This may be generated from your Soul Star Chakra, as a layer of protection between you and the external world.

You may also shield your mind from observing and engaging with soul depressing and energy-draining activities and people.  This may include only watching positive and high-vibrational television programs (which focus on love and understanding, instead of violence and terror).  This does not mean to “turn a blind eye” to the negativity and hate in the world, but to instead acknowledge it and rise higher as to serve as an example of Divine love.

2. Create boundaries.

Becoming assertive and creating boundaries for your energy is crucial, especially if you’re an empath. Do not overcommit or overpromise beyond your reasonable capabilities. If you overextend yourself, you will become drained and your life force energy (qi) will lessen. Do not be afraid to say “no.” When you give, make sure there is an equal balance.

3. Live or spend time in rural areas and nature.

Living in densely-populated urban areas can be very troubling for an empath. That is because empaths who are hyper-sensitive to energy can detect the energy of the communities around them. If you are an empath in a densely-populated city or region, it may be beneficial to move to a lesser populated or rural area.

4. Turn off wireless devices when not in use (especially during sleep).

When you aren’t using the WiFi, turn it off. If you’re energy sensitive, it means you’re sensitive to magnetic fields. All electronic devices emit some sort of magnetic field. If you are not using your devices, power them down. If you are not using WiFi; it’s safe to turn your router off. Plugging it into a power strip can help make this an easy process.

5. Pay attention to space weather.

Solar flares cause a lot of electromagnetic radiation to influence our physical bodies, because we have magnetic materials within our tissues that respond to fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field. When you stay alert of geostorms, you can know when to time to include more grounding and relaxation. This is because geostorms usually happen 2-3 days after a solar flare happens.

6. Cut the cords to negative people, places, and things.

Etheric cords can develop between you and another person, place, or thing. If you feel you have a cord that is attached, where the other person/place/thing is draining you of your life force energy, you may ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords with his glorious and powerful sword of light.  You may also work with Lodestone or Magnetite crystals by waving them in a figure-eight pattern around your aura.

7. Ground, ground, ground.

“Grounding” means to ground oneself on Mother Earth, feeling connected to the present moment. When you ground, you are not focused on the past or future; you are simply “present.” When you ground, you become more aware. As awareness increases, you will become more knowledgeable when it comes to identifying which energy sources are your own, and which belong to someone else.  Click here to read tips on “How to Ground.”

8. Nourish your physical body.

Nourishing your physical body with fresh, clean water and high-quality fruits and vegetables help strengthen your life force energy (qi). When your life force energy is strengthened, it becomes less permeable. On a physical level, the antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables help to reverse cellular damage and slow the aging process. When your cells are strong, their own magnetic fields are more resistant to being affected by the external environment.

9. Exercise.

Exercising literally breaks up stagnant qi around your auric field. It also helps you to release the energy that does not belong to you. Even if you engage in gentle “shaking,” by bouncing your body around while standing in place – this may greatly help.

10. Release the energy that does not belong to you.

This is the most crucial tip for an empath. If you determine that something in your energy body does not belong to you, you must release it. To do this, you simply focus inward into the source (whether it be an emotion, or sensation of pain/worry/anxiety), and ask yourself, “Does this belong to me?” If the answer you intuitively receive is “No,” then you must release it because it does not serve you.

By simply bringing your awareness to it, you release it. If you still feel it linger, you can ask Archangel Michael (giving him permission), to release the negative energy stored within your body, back into the universe in order to be transmuted.

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