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Albite – Metaphysical Meaning & Properties


Heighten Your Intuition with Albite

Albite is type of feldspar which crystallizes in many different colors.  Felspar has long been thought to assist with letting go of stagnant habits.  If you feel stuck in a rut, or are unsure of which direction to take, Albite can help clear foggy emotions and old thoughts that no longer serve you.  Albite relates to the third-eye chakra, and can be used in third-eye chakra meditation.  During meditation, Albite can help you receive messages related to clarity needed in situations.

Albite can help in accessing psychic realms, and can help to tap into your angel guides.  Intuitive water signs, such as Pisces and Cancer, can especially benefit by working with Albite and other forms of feldspar.  However, anyone attempting to become more psychic and intuitive can also receive the benefits of Albite.  If you have been interested in really diving deep into your consciousness to work on visualization and manifestation techniques, Albite can surely assist.

Clairvoyance (seeing future events and messages) can be heightened by working with Albite to open up channels to enhance your intuition.  It can also help to increase overall happiness and contentment.

Associated Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Cancer

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