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Amazonite – Metaphysical Meaning & Properties

Amazonite Meaning

Create Calm with Amazonite

Amazonite is a form of crystallized feldspar that is usually vibrant green with hints of white, blue, or yellow. Amazonite is a popular healing crystal, and its energy field relates to the heart chakra. It assists in healing the heart in terms of stress and anxiety. Working with Amazonite, you may feel a calmness and soothing energy over time. Meditating with Amazonite on the heart chakra can also help to heal your heart energy, and you may receive indirect messages on actions you should take to further assist emotional healing of the heart.

If you have trouble communicating, Amazonite may also help.  It also resonates with the throat chakra, and can be used to express the truths uncovered by your true self.  It helps to remove fear in communication so you can vocalize your thoughts without fear of judgement.

Amazonite can also assist with creativity.  Oftentimes when feelings of being “stuck” manifest into stress and anxiety, tapping into creative energy can greatly help our heart chakras to become balanced.  Many different creative outlets that help soothe stress include journaling, drawing, painting, singing, writing music, sculpting, acting, and dancing.  By working with Amazonite, you may receive extrasensory messages directing you which choice to make.

Amazonite is common in jewelry and small sculptures.  Wearing an Amazonite pendant is a great way to keep a piece near your heart chakra throughout the day.  It should not be used in gem elixirs because it has small amounts of lead.  However, the indirect method may be used, which consists of keeping crystals near your elixir to entrain the water with the energy of the crystal.

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