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Angel & Healing Crystal Reading for April 22nd – 28th, 2019

In this week’s reading, we’re being reminded that we are each individual manifestations of Source energy.

When you fully understand this and know that only Divine Love exists, then ego and separation fade. Separation/competition are only earthly illusions.

This is a strong message for you to return to LOVE, and become open to both giving and receiving unconditional love to yourself and others – because you understand that everything else is an extension of YOU. Other people, animals, the planet – are all an extension of your divine essence. When we deeply accept this as truth, we will heal the entire world (which is a beautiful reminder on Earth Day!)

This is also what makes it so easy to genuinely forgive someone.

If someone wrongs you, keep in mind that people who are are still “asleep” are still operating from subconscious programs that have been installed by their families, society, and whoever else has influenced their belief systems. When someone hurts you (either directly or indirectly), it is because of their subconscious programming, and their general departure from Divine Love.

When we return to love, we release judgement/fear/competition, because we know that those are all illusions experienced when we stray from truth.

Ask yourself this week, “What would love do?” “How would love react to this?”

I hope this serves you, and I hope you have a beautiful week!

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