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Aquamarine- Metaphysical Meaning & Properties


Aquamarine is a blue/green form of beryl. It is an excellent aid for meditation, and resonates with the third-eye and throat chakras. Aquamarine is a great study-buddy, as it helps during studying and examinations. If students need assist studying, working with Aquamarine can help to soothe the actual process of study and research.  Anyone undertaking learning through courses or other avenues can also benefit from having Aquamarine nearby.

In addition to assisting study, it also can help to build responsibility.  This makes Aquamarine an excellent semi-precious stone for adolescents coming into adulthood.

Aquamarine benefits the throat chakra by facilitating communication.

Pisces can greatly benefit by working with Aquamarine, because they usually have sensitive and emotional tendencies. By working with Aquamarine during meditation, journaling, and other forms of spiritual work, the origin of the sensitive and emotional issues can be revealed. Once the root cause is identified, healing can begin.

Aquamarine is also an ideal gem to work with or wear in order to fix stagnant chakras and get energy vortexes flowing once again.

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