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Angel & Healing Crystal Reading for April 22nd – 28th, 2019

In this week’s reading, we’re being reminded that we are each individual manifestations of Source energy. When you fully understand this and know that only Divine Love exists, then ego and separation fade. Separation/competition are only earthly illusions. This is a strong message for you to return to LOVE, and become open to both giving and receiving unconditional love to yourself and others – because you understand that everything else is an extension of YOU. Other people, animals, the planet…

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10 Energy Tips for Empaths

Energy Tips for Empaths

Empaths are special souls who absorb the energy of others, and actually feel it in their own bodies. For instance, if someone near an empath has a headache, the empath will then take on the energy of the headache and develop it in their own head. Many times, empaths are unaware if the energy or condition they are feeling actually belongs to them, or someone else. Therefore, empaths are “energy sensitive.” They are especially sensitive to the energy around them…

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Fluorite – Metaphysical Meaning & Properties

Fluorite Metaphysical Properties and Meaning

Open Your Mind with Fluorite Fluorite is a mesmerizing crystal that can be found in a range of colors, from blue, green, purple, to gold/yellow, and white (clear). It can also be found in rainbow hues, in which it is appropriately named Rainbow Fluorite.  The metaphysical properties vary depending on color, but in general – Fluorite is a crystal of focus, study, and intuition.  If you are expected to be in a situation requiring serious focus and attention, working with…

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How Can the Moon Cycle Affect You?

Lunar Cycle

The phases of the moon have long been linked to behavioral changes in humans, depending on the phase.  Ancient philosophers believed that the gravitational pull of the moon affected the tides, as well as individual body fluids. We have since become disconnected with nature’s rhythms, but humans still remain connected to our moon and the light emitted.  You may have heard that women who spend a lot of time together end up syncing their fertility cycles.  This really goes true…

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Become a Certified Crystal Healer

Certified Crystal Healer Program

The Amethyst Luna Rose School of Metaphysical Arts Certified Crystal Healer Program is now open for enrollment! This 5-week program will guide you to earn your Certification in Crystal Healing, and is fully accredited through the World Metaphysical Association and Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers. Visit https://schoolofmetaphysicalarts.com/p/certified-crystal-healer to enroll today!  …

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Full Moon in Sagittarius: Healing Crystals

Full Moon

May 29th, 2018 10:20 a.m. EST The moon will become full in the constellation of Sagittarius on May 29th, at 10:20 a.m. EST.  This full moon acts as a mirror, and reflects your inner world back to you through your outer world.  It is time for you to really reflect, and determine whether you are living your truth. Your soul begs you to live your truth – for when you do, you are within alignment.  When you are in alignment,…

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Full Pink Moon in Scorpio

Full Pink Moon

April 29th, 2018 8:58 p.m. EST April’s Full Moon is called the Pink Moon, because this is when the “moss pink flower” (also known as plox), begins to bloom.  It is also known as the Sprouting Moon, Egg Moon, and Fish Moon. Tonight’s full moon will be in Scorpio – the sign of death, rebirth, transcendence, control, manifestation, and power.  Full moons are a wonderful time to release in order to renew for the upcoming month.  Now, this will be…

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Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Tomorrow morning, our moon will become full at around 8:27 a.m. EST. It is the second full moon this month, deeming it a “Blue Moon.” You may have heard the phrase, “once in a blue moon” which relates to how rare blue moons are. It’s also a “Super Moon” because it is much closer to Earth than normal, and tonight it will appear 17% larger. Tonight, however, something very special will happen before the moon becomes completely full – a…

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What if You Don’t Trust Your Partner?

Trust your Partner

Many of us have been there.  You begin a new relationship with a new person you’ve attracted, and things seem to look great from the outside.  However, on the inside you may be feeling that something is “off” or “not quite right.” You may try to do digging on this person, to see what you can uncover.  Then, you will feel justified if you find something. If you have this feeling of mistrust, it is important to look within yourself.…

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Super Full Moon in Gemini

Super Moon

December 3rd, 2017 10:47 a.m. EST December’s full moon is typically called the Cold Moon, or the Long Night’s Moon.  The “Cold Moon” derives from the chilly temperature that sweeps over the northern hemisphere. It’s also a Super Moon, which means it appears 10% larger.  During clear skies, the moonlight will glow brightly onto the ground appearing as though a spotlight from the heavens is shining the light of truth. The moon will become full in Gemini, the essence of…

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