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Black Obsidian – Metaphysical Meaning & Properties

Black Obsidian Meaning

Journey into the Depths of Your Being with Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is actually volcanic glass, formed from volcanic eruptions.  It is not technically a crystal or stone!

Obsidian can be found in different colors, such as blue, black, rainbow, and mahogany.  Black Obsidian is easily faked, because it is glass and glass is easily created from man-made processes.  Therefore, you must be cautious when sourcing your obsidian.

Even though the molecular structure of Black Obsidian is not as perfect and geometric as Quartz, Black Osidian still is considered to be very powerful.  Because it can cause the user to enter into a state of deep introspection, it is recommended to be aware of what may arise while working with it.

Black Obsidian allows thoughts, emotions, and events locked deep within the subconscious to bubble up to the surface, so they may be processed by the conscious mind/self. It puts the user in an almost extreme state of consciousness.

Therefore, working with Black Obsidian comes with a warning; it is for those who are self-actualized, and understand its sacred power.

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