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Calcite – Metaphysical Meaning & Properties

Calcite Meaning

Universally Calming Calcite

Calcite crystals are carbonate minerals and come in a variety of colors including gray, red, green, blue, yellow, brown, orange, pink, black, and white. Different colors correspond to the different chakras.  Calcite crystals can be found growing on their own, or within other crystals and stones.  Metaphysically, all types of Calcite have been known to help enhance creativity and create balance.  They are great to have during travel, and can help remove fear and negativity.

White Calcite is associated with the crown chakra, and is ideal to work with during meditation.  When you are trying to access spiritual planes or work with your angel guides, White Calcite is one crystal to keep nearby.  It works in unison with other angelic crystals such as Celestite, Apophyllite, and Petalite.

Blue Calcite is a stone for communication and understanding.  Its calming blue energy is reminiscent of ocean water, and can be very cleansing and calming to the spirit and emotions.

Green Calcite corresponds to the heart chakra, and can help open you up to see the bigger picture.  Emotions are usually calmed by working with Green Calcite.  It also helps to soothe anxiety, and frees your “second brain” so you don’t worry as much.  It is also a great catalyst for creative endeavors, from journaling to painting and more.

Pink Calcite is also associated with the heart chakra, and helps to open you up to receiving love.  It promotes a calming and loving energy.  Because of this, it has commonly been known as the “Reiki Stone,” because it is an ideal stone for Reiki healers to work with during types of energy work.

Yellow Calcite is also known as “Golden Ray Calcite” and emits a sunny, warming energy.  It corresponds to the solar plexus chakra, which is the power chakra.  Your personal power becomes amplified when you work with Yellow Calcite.  It is great for manifesting, visualization, and mantra work.  It is especially potent in helping to manifest visualizations of health.

Red Calcite correlates to the root chakra.  It is a very grounding stone that helps to entrain your energy with its own, in order for you to become grounded and in the moment.  It is amazing for those who are constantly in their own head and are unable to relax in the present tense.  If you want to slow down to smell the roses, focus on a special meal, or focus on exercise – Red Calcite is a safe and stable stone to work with.

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