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What if You Don’t Trust Your Partner?

Trust your Partner

Many of us have been there.  You begin a new relationship with a new person you’ve attracted, and things seem to look great from the outside.  However, on the inside you may be feeling that something is “off” or “not quite right.” You may try to do digging on this person, to see what you can uncover.  Then, you will feel justified if you find something. If you have this feeling of mistrust, it is important to look within yourself.…

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The Law of Attraction – DOs and DON’Ts

The Law of Attraction

What is the “Law of Attraction?” Atoms are composed of subatomic particles like electrons, neutrons, and protons. String theory theorizes below the subatomic level, everything in existence, seen and unseen, is composed of minuscule strings of energy.  Each string is postulated to have mass, charge, and other properties which are determined by the string’s vibration. Therefore, we are all made of energy. The same strings that compose you and me, also compose the largest, brightest stars in far off galaxies.…

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