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Celestite – Metaphysical Meaning & Properties


Access Celestial Planes with Celestite

Celestite is also known as Celestine and forms in white, blue, red, orange, and reddish brown crystals.

Celestite emits a high vibration and correlates to the third-eye chakra and crown chakras. It is an angelic stone that assists in accessing the spiritual realm and communicating with angel guides. It does this by opening pathways of communication between your earthly self and your angel guides.

Since Celestite is a very angelic stone, it can help you access higher dimensions to connect with your true self, your infinite self.

Celestite helps to open the mind to facilitate an openness, and clears negative thoughts in order to enable easy meditation. It is also beneficial with prayer and other forms of attempts to connect deeply with your true self in order to attain ultimate knowing.

It is also great for dreaming and dream recall. Sleeping with a small specimen either under the pillow or under the bed can help with dream remembrance, and is helpful when dream journaling.

Celestite also possesses a stress-relieving energy, initiating calm in difficult situations. You may naturally be drawn to Celestite during stressful situations arising from work, deadlines, and responsibilities.

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