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Fluorite – Metaphysical Meaning & Properties

Fluorite Metaphysical Properties and Meaning

Open Your Mind with Fluorite

Fluorite is a mesmerizing crystal that can be found in a range of colors, from blue, green, purple, to gold/yellow, and white (clear). It can also be found in rainbow hues, in which it is appropriately named Rainbow Fluorite.  The metaphysical properties vary depending on color, but in general – Fluorite is a crystal of focus, study, and intuition.  If you are expected to be in a situation requiring serious focus and attention, working with Fluorite in your magnetic field can greatly assist.  Fluorite is an excellent crystal for teachers and students alike.

Fluorite also helps to discover clarity during dreamtime.  In addition, Fluorite has multiple properties depending on color.

Fluorite is made of calcium fluoride, and is a delicate crystal that may break if exposed to extreme temperature changes.  If you cleanse your crystals out in the moonlight overnight and it is very cold outside, do not be surprised if you come back to a broken crystal!

Fluorite can also fade if left in direct sunlight for too long (longer than 2 hours).

Fluorite Properties by Color

Blue Fluorite can assist with finding inner peace, serenity, and calm. It resonates with the Third-Eye and Throat Chakras.  It also allows you to look deep within yourself, to discover what may be blocked within your Throat Chakra, so you may gently allow it to come to the surface in order to ultimately release it.

Green Fluorite may be used when intentionally directing frequencies of love and acceptance.  This is especially beneficial to work with if you are a distance healer or Reiki Master.  Green Fluorite resonates with the Heart Chakra, and can help to shift your focus back to love when you are feeling out-of-sorts, or are under psychic attack.  Green Fluorite may also help with focusing on the task at hand, keeping your mind out of the past/future and into the present.

Purple Fluorite can assist with focusing on your Spirit and Higher Self.  Purple Fluorite resonates with the Crown Chakra, which is the portal to spiritual and ethereal realms.  Working with Purple Fluorite particularly, can help you to connect to your true self in order to become focused in the present moment.  It reminds us that we are not alone, and we are always supported by the Divine.

Gold/Yellow Fluorite can be used during journeys towards attaining ultimate understanding and appreciation of the universe, while still maintaining your individuality. Even though everything is connected and we are all One, each of us is a unique manifestation of Source.  Gold Fluorite can help remind you of this – so it is very useful in helping you to express yourself and your uniqueness.  Gold/Yellow Fluorite resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, and is also powerful crystal of manifestation.  If you are seeking to bring your dreams from the ethereal plane to the physical, working with Gold/Yellow Fluorite may assist.

White/Clear Fluorite represents purity.  This may be used during and after acceptance of the holographic universe, when you realize the universe is within you, and everything is a part of it.  If you are seeking to shed the 3D paradigms of scarcity, lack, and worry – working with White/Clear Fluorite can assist to elevate your consciousness into the higher 5D reality.

Rainbow Fluorite is considered the most powerful form of Fluorite, because it combines each of the properties of all Fluorite varieties.  It works on all Chakras to balance and stabilize, especially the Third-Eye Chakra.

Fluorite Shapes

Fluorite naturally grows in isometric cubic crystals.  If you see a Fluorite crystal in the shape of a cube, this is likely to be natural!  Fluorite may also be cut and polished into smaller stones, wands, and towers.

Fluorite Clusters

Fluorite clusters symbolize how conscious beings are slowly awakening and realizing their place in the universe, making advancements throughout civilizations.  They serve as a reminder that anything is possible with perseverance, as we have come a long way through opening our minds to constantly learn and progress.

Green Fluorite Meaning

Tumbled FluoriteTumbled Fluorite

Fluorite has a Mohs hardness of 4, which makes it a somewhat-delicate crystal.  Fluorite may be tumbled into beautiful polished crystals, but they may break easily during the tumbling process.  If you tumble Fluorite yourself, you may begin with a large piece only to end up with a very small piece (which is the strongest part of the crystal).

Tumbled Fluorite is convenient for use in crystal healing sessions, adding into jewelry, keeping under a pillow to facilitate clarity within dreams, and carrying in a purse or pocket.

Fluorite Wands

Fluorite Wands are quite common, and these have been cut and polished by man.  Fluorite does not naturally grow in double-terminated wand form.  These are, however, wonderful for directing energy.  Fluorite wands are recommended to activate crystal grids that contain Fluorite crystals.

Fluorite Wand

Fluorite Towers

Towers are wonderful as center crystals in crystal grids.  They direct energy up and out through the apex of the tower.


Fluorite itself is used in making microscopes and telescopes.  It also fluoresces beneath UV light.  During fluorescence, electron energy levels are increased by ultraviolet light, and then the electrons fall back to normal, releasing visible light.  That is how a purple piece of fluorite can look neon blue under UV light.  The word “fluorescence” actually is derived from fluorite!

Mineral Safety

Fluorite contains fluorine.

Do not use Fluorite in crystal elixirs/gem essences.  Instead, use the indirect method.

Associated Zodiac Signs

Pisces, Gemini

Note: Crystal healing & other energy healing modalities work on an energetic level and are spiritual in nature. They should be used as a complement to and not serve as a replacement for regular medical & or psychological care & consultation.

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