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Iron Pyrite – Metaphysical Meaning & Properties


Pyrite for Protection

Iron Pyrite is found in different formations, from nuggets to perfect cubes.  As it oxidizes, it becomes more yellow.  Pyrite has also been called “Fool’s Gold” because it does look similar to raw gold.  Its yellow color correlates to the solar plexus chakra, but it can also be used with the root chakra to stabilize.

Pyrite is a shielding stone that has been used for protection.  It is believed to work on all levels of the self – emotional, spiritual, and physical.

Iron Pyrite is also helpful in lessening radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMFs), such as from wireless internet, computers, and phones.  It does this by attracting the EMF to itself, so there is less that permeates you.

It is an excellent stone for healers to wear during energy work, in order to not absorb negative or excess energies.  Pyrite helps to create a boundary around your personal aura, so negativity does not penetrate it.

If you are interfacing with someone you believe is putting on a mask to hide their true intentions or feelings, Pyrite is the stone to have near you during such interactions.  Similarly, it helps you to maintain your vibration when put in sticky situations so you do not absorb the energy of others around you.  This makes it perfect for those who are empathic (Empaths).

In protecting your auric field, it allows you to think clearly in order to see the right paths to take in order to manifest your dreams.  It may facilitate the spontaneous receipt of knowledge from your true self, which shouldn’t be ignored.  As it relates to the solar plexus chakra, it can help you to attain and maintain power in career/business and activities.

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