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Malachite – Metaphysical Meaning & Properties

Malachite Healing Crystal

Clear Barriers with Malachite

Malachite is striking green mineral that is characterized by reflective light/medium green patterns in its polished form. It is commonly used in balancing the Heart Chakra, although it may be used with any. Malachite-Azurite is a common combination, which is ideal for the Heart/Throat/Third Eye Chakras.

Once you have established a goal, Malachite can help clear blockages encountered along the way to reach that goal. It also is effective at facilitating loyalty and trust in relationships.

Malachite can be used in bringing hidden emotional pain to the surface, creating the opportunity for resolving tensions and allowing peace to be received. It is a great stone for those who have emotional wounds, and can help in allowing oneself to release emotional stress and physical pain manifested from that stress. Similarly, if you are feeling “off” but are unsure why, Malachite can help you identify the underlying reason so you can address it.

If you know someone who usually keeps their emotions bottled up, gifting a piece of Malachite (preferably something they may wear often) can help them release and recharge. It is also commonly recommended for pain management.

Raw Malachite is fibrous, and is considered toxic because it contains a high amount of copper. This is because Malachite is formed from copper ores. Therefore, raw Malachite should not be used in gem elixirs. Tumbled Malachite is generally considered safer to keep and use in crystal work and jewelry.

Gem elixir: No; Toxic – Use indirect method instead.

Associated zodiac signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn

Note: Crystal healing & other energy healing modalities work on an energetic level and are spiritual in nature. They should be used as a complement to and not serve as a replacement for regular medical & or psychological care & consultation.

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