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Onyx – Metaphysical Meaning & Properties

Onyx Healing Crystal

Reconnect to Yourself with Onyx

Onyx is a type of chalcedony (quartz), and usually is found in the colors: black, black with white bands, and red with white bands.  Since chalcedony is easily dyed, many shades of colorful Onyx are also common.

Onyx stabilizes each energy vortex within the energy body, starting at the root chakra. It’s great for grounding, and connects the individual energy system to the Earth. It allows you to tap into eternal universal energy, while aligning yourself.

After receiving messages from the universe, Onyx allows you to grasp and understand the knowledge so you may apply it to your life.

If you need to “get back to your roots,” and reconnect with yourself, then Onyx is an excellent crystal to work with. It will help you plant your feet in new situations, especially after moving to a new place.

If you are on your own, it can help affirm independence, allowing you to work towards your best self. It can even help in relationships, facilitating the growth of the individual in order to form a compatible team.

Onyx also can remind you to pause and reflect on what you have achieved on your own, so you can best plan for the future.

Onyx is commonly used in jewelry, and can be worn to help encourage happiness and rid anger, resentment, and grief.

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Note: Crystal healing & other energy healing modalities work on an energetic level and are spiritual in nature. They should be used as a complement to and not serve as a replacement for regular medical & or psychological care & consultation.


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