Manifest with Crystals: Sacred Power Ritual


Manifest easily using this Sacred Power Ritual, which combines the amplifying effects of quartz crystals with the powerful effects of your own intention!



Are you ready to make your dreams a reality?

Do you ever wonder why manifesting comes easy to some people and not to others?
Have you tried consciously manifesting something specific, but it took forever to show up or didn’t even show up at all?
When you become in tune with yourself, you’ll always find a way to manifest what’s in your heart.  How?


When you realize this eternal fact, you become limitless.  You awaken your ability to make your dreams a reality.

The power lies within you to co-create your reality.  
It is your duty to unleash it.


When I became conscious of my own power to co-create my reality with the Divine, I manifested my soulmate fiancé, our dream home, career opportunities, and unexpected financial support from the universe and my Higher Self.  Along the way, I’ve learned the essentials when it comes to manifesting your dreams.
With this ritual I’m about to share with you, I’ve been able to manifest almost instantly.  Just recently, I performed this ritual and wrote a check from the Universe.  Before I finished dating it, I went to the mailbox and received a check for slightly more than the exact amount I requested.
That was the moment I knew exactly how powerful this was.

However, with great power comes great responsibility.  Therefore, this ritual should only be completed with a pure heart, for the good of all.


Manifest with Crystals: Sacred Power Ritual

Manifest with Crystals: Sacred Power Ritual

In this Sacred Power Ritual, you’ll be guided step-by-step:

  • Getting into a state of flow
  • Creating your request to the universe
  • Amplifying your request by programming it into your crystal
  • Opening yourself up to a state of receiving loving abundance from the universe

*This ritual is delivered in PDF format and must be downloaded and printed for best results.

As a Crystal Healer, I’ve been aware of the magnetic power of crystals for quite some time.  This Sacred Power Ritual combines the powerful effects of quartz crystals with the equally powerful effects of your own intentions.  Quartz is a powerful amplifier of energy.  Your thought-forms are energy.

Together, they are a powerhouse of Divine collaboration that makes it easy to manifest whatever your Higher Self craves.  Your powerful intentions to the universe become amplified!

With this ritual, you’ll bypass all of the unknowns with a simple, easy-to-follow set of step-by-step instructions.

  • We’ll go deep into the layers of your soul to determine what’s holding you back, and what you need to thrive.
  • You’ll become one of those “lucky” people who seem to make manifesting easy.


Power of the Mind

Manifesting happens when you activate the Law of Attraction.  You essentially place a “cosmic order” with the universe, which rearranges time and space in order to deliver your request to you.  You may have watched the hit movie, The Secret, and became intrigued with the concept of creating your own reality.
I remember the first time I consciously manifested something.  I was nine years old, and there was this girl in my gym class who had what I considered to be the most beautiful shoes in the world.  I remember just wanting them so badly, and I didn’t tell anyone about them.  When I came home from school that day, there was a shoebox on my bed.  I thought, “It couldn’t be.”

I opened the box and it was the same pair of shoes!  It felt so random.  I couldn’t believe it.
At the time, I wasn’t aware that I would be manifesting my entire life. You can manifest your entire life too, because you already are.  So let’s shift things into what you desire, instead of what you don’t.

In the grand scheme of things, were the shoes important?  They were simply material items that I grew out of.  No, they really weren’t.  But, it was my introduction to the spiritual laws of the universe.  By activating those laws, you can manifest anything, even beyond the material world. Happiness… Fulfillment… Purpose.  The power lies within you to do so.


When you place your cosmic order with the universe, you can expect miracles.


1. Can I use this ritual more than once?
Yes!  You can print it as many times as you’d like for each desire you wish to manifest.  You just need a different crystal per manifestation.  One crystal should only hold one program.

2.  Does this really work?
Yes!  Many of my students have attributed their success to their manifesting capabilities.  This ritual amplifies that!

3.  Why is it only $9?
I wanted this Sacred Power Ritual to be accessible to everyone.  For the price of just two fancy coffee drinks at a coffee shop, you can start manifesting your dreams into reality.

4. What if I’m not good at manifesting?
This ritual was created for you to change that!  Each of us is Divine, with the ability to co-create our reality with Source.  When you follow the step-by-step instructions, manifesting becomes easy.

5.  Do I need a crystal to complete this ritual?
Yes, a large portion of this ritual details programming your intention into a quartz crystal.  Clear quartz points are inexpensive and relatively easy to find.

6.  Is there a guarantee?
Yes!  All of my digital products have a 30-day money back guarantee to give you peace of mind.

7.  Is this available internationally?
Yes.  The pricing is in USD, but other currencies are accepted at Check Out.