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Rare Black Moon Rises in Libra, House VI

Black Moon

During the evening of September 30th, a New Moon shall rise in Libra at approximately 8:11p.m. EST.  This particular New Moon is special because it is the second New Moon which occurs during the same calendar month (which is called a Black Moon).  The last New Moon occurred on September 1st.  However, the last Black Moon has not happened since March of 2014.

A Black Moon can be thought of as the opposite of a Blue Moon, which is a Full Moon that occurs twice during the same month.

The New Moon typically signifies an ideal period for rest and reflection.  However, this Black Moon will excite a newfound energy that ignites motivation and action.

This Black Moon also indicates the closure of the last eclipse season.  During this last eclipse season, we were urged to purge old energies and habits that had been held in our subconscious for the last 8 years.  We were then guided to replace these thought patterns and habits with positive, unbounded energy that will propel us towards achieving our ultimate goals.

The Black Moon will rise in Libra, which represents balance in the zodiac.  This will also be in House VI, which signifies self-adjustment and self-improvement.

Focus on You

The moon in Libra signifies a push to be genuine and authentic.  On the exterior, you may appear pleasant and harmonious.  If one digs a little deeper, unwavering strength and determination shall be uncovered.  You may feel very ambitious, yet required to delegate if needed.  You may also feel driven to avoid confrontation and aggression today.  Instead, it is crucial to focus on maintaining harmony.

Additionally, you may feel the need to express yourself through different outlets.  With heightened senses, your intuition shall guide you to the perfect activity which will allow you to really showcase your authentic self.

Emotional & Physical Empowerment

You may feel the need to cleanse your emotions, which can be achieved by utilizing many different modalities.  With the Black Moon in House VI, we are being urged to focus inward on our physical health.  The Sixth House elements can be controlled by oneself, which differs from other houses.  If you notice a physical ailment that you have been ignoring, now is the time to really practice care and focus on healing.  The power is in your hands, but you must choose to act.

It may feel as though it is New Year’s Eve, and you may feel a natural inclination to reboot parts of your lifestyle.  If you have been considering beginning a weight-management program or eating habit, now is the time to start!

Let Yourself Love

During this time, Venus will be in Scorpio.  This will be an ideal time for you to rekindle relationships, and reconnect with those you love.  With Venus in House VII, you will be inclined to think with your heart.

Passion combined with motivation and determination will enable you to power through anything that comes your way!  Cosmic players are positioned in favor of action and love.  Now is the time to go and pursue your dreams!

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