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Selenite – Metaphysical Meaning & Properties

Selenite Meaning

Reach Angelic Realms with Selenite

Selenite is a form of Gypsum that is white or clear. Selenite was named for Selene, who was the Greek goddess of the moon (Roman goddess Luna).  As it is related to the moon and moon cycles, Selenite is especially useful for women to work with.

As women’s cycles are regulated by the moon, Selenite has been known assist with sex drive, the menstrual cycle, longevity and youthfulness.

Selenite is associated with the crown chakra, which is especially important in contacting our greater selves and connecting with the spiritual realm.  When working to open the crown chakra, Selenite can assist with accessing our angelic guidance to attain peace and enlightenment.  When the crown chakra is open, answers from our infinite selves are revealed to our earthly bodies.

Selenite wands are common and can help to remove blockages or negative attachments to our auras.  Selenite can also help to block external influences and energetic beings from influencing our earthly selves.  It can also be used to grid a home or work place to block negative energy from entering.

Desert Rose Selenite

Desert Rose Selenite

There are many different types of Selenite, including Desert Rose Selenite.  Desert Rose Selenite looks like a tan rock rose, and can help to remove emotional blocks that may have been present for years.

Those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces have higher psychic and intuitive abilities than others.  Therefore, it is especially useful for those to work with Selenite when possible.

Selenite is a great stone for any type of meditation, and can really be used with any other stone.  It is best to cleanse Selenite with methods other than water, because it can dissolve over long periods of time.

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