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Sitting in Silence

Sitting in Silence

Far too often, we have so much going on all at once. So much noise. We hardly get the chance to tap into our inner selves and just listen to what our genuine voice has to say.

With these noisy distractions going on constantly, it may be helpful to simply tune out. Turn off the television, silence the phones and devices.

When we sit in silence with ourselves, we open the channel to receiving messages from our Higher Selves, as well as our guides and Angels.

Taking time to recharge is crucial, especially for those who are introverted. If we do not allow this sacred time to recharge our energy, then we shall continue to feel depleted.

Sometimes people feel as though it is difficult to connect to our guides and intuition. With so many distractions going on at once, this makes sense. We have become so far disconnected from sitting in silence and being present in the moment.

How to Fix This?

Allocate time TODAY to sitting with yourself. Be completely present with yourself at the moment in time. Focus on what is happening around you. Focus on the birds and the wind rustling outside. Instead of turning on the television, pick up a book.

You’ll hear your own inner voice doing the reading, and this will automatically make you more familiar with it. Over time, it will become louder and you will distinguish what soul is attempting to communicate to you.

Tune out of the noise, and tune into yourself.

With love,

Amethyst Luna Rose

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