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Sodalite – Metaphysical Meaning & Properties

Sodalite Meaning and Properties

Sodalite: Nature’s Problem Solver

Sodalite is a stone that is usually blue and white in color. It can be used with the Third Eye Chakra, as it helps to open the third eye to receiving information. Opening the third-eye can help to access universal energy, letting answers flow straight to you. This makes it excellent to use Sodalite during a Throat Chakra or Third-Eye Chakra meditation.

Sodalite is beneficial in problem-solving, as it allows you to consider alternatives in order to arrive at a logical conclusion. If there are blocks that create hinderances to solutions, Sodalite can help you identify those blocks so they may be removed.

It assists in honest communications, allowing you to openly express your true thoughts. Once you spend enough time with a piece of Sodalite and answers start coming to you, you can use that information to express yourself in communications.

Sodalite can be raw or tumbled. It can sometimes be mistaken for Lapis Lazuli – the difference being Lapis Lazuli has shiny iron Pyrite streaks (and Sodalite has a high sodium content).

Note: Crystal healing & other energy healing modalities work on an energetic level and are spiritual in nature. They should be used as a complement to and not serve as a replacement for regular medical & or psychological care & consultation.

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