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Solstice Arrives with Rare Lunar Eclipse


Together we welcome the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, and the Summer Solstice in the southern hemisphere.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice falls on December 21st at 5:44 a.m.  It is the shortest day of the year, in that the length of a day shall begin to grow longer each day afterwards.  Solstice is derived from sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still).  Solstice occurs when the movement of the Sun’s path stops before it reverses its direction, beginning the change of new seasons (winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern).

During this special time, the Sun will be in Sagittarius, the Moon in Leo, and the Ascendant in Aries.  There will also be a rare lunar eclipse right before the actual solstice.  The solstice eclipse has not happened since 2010, and had not happened for 400 years before then.


Far left: Summer Solstice in Northern Hemisphere. Far right: Summer Solstice in Southern Hemisphere.

With the Moon in Leo, we are able to really fantasize and visualize the ideal versions of our realities.  We are longing for the chance to be the stars of our lives.  By continuing this theme into the new year, we can surely attract what we desire if we maintain these visualizations of the perfect reality.  We just have to act as though it is happening right now, because the future really does not exist.  All that exists is right now, in this very moment.  Make sure to visualize your desires as being true right now.  When you are able to do this, the universe shall begin to arrange time and space.

With Venus in Aquarius, we may be tempted to look deep into what truly matters most, and then plan attempts to make those things a priority.  If you have a partner, it is important to take this time to reflect on whether you have taken him/her for granted.  It is important to get in touch with your sentimental side, and let true feelings come to the surface.

With the Midheaven in Capricorn, we are being urged to persevere, regarding our destinies.  You may find that things have been slow going, especially this last year.  With a new year comes new possibilities to expand our horizons, embarking on every enchanting opportunity that presents itself in our reality.

With the Ascendant in Aries, you may feel like taking charge during the Solstice.  With strong honesty and determination, you must be careful not to be perceived as arrogant.  The Ascendant describes how we appear in the eyes of others.  Make sure to guard your reputation, in order to set the stage for an ideal 2017, in which everything you deserve makes its way into your reality.

Letting go of a rough and bumpy 2016 is something most of us are looking forward to.  By keeping a positive attitude and with some extra help from cosmic forces, we can begin to grasp the ideal circumstances and opportunities we deserve for the new year and beyond.

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