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The Midheaven: Fulfill Your True Purpose


The Midheaven is located at the point where the meridian insects with the ecliptic (halfway between the Ascendant on the eastern horizon, and Descendant on the western horizon).

The zodiac sign located on your Midheaven represents career, social status, reputation, aspirations, and life goals.  Many people struggle with purpose, and by analyzing their Midheaven, they can begin taking the steps to understand and achieve their goals.

Sometimes you may feel as if you are in the wrong job or career.  You may feel lost in life, like you aren’t fulfilling your true potential.  If you refer to the types of careers recommended by your Midheaven sign, you may feel much happier and fulfilled.

You can calculate your natal chart, (which includes a description of your Midheaven along with recommendations), for free by entering in your birth information below! (The information provided will not be kept or stored for any reason. If you would prefer not to enter your birth city, please enter another city nearby.)

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