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What if You Don’t Trust Your Partner?

Trust your Partner

Many of us have been there.  You begin a new relationship with a new person you’ve attracted, and things seem to look great from the outside.  However, on the inside you may be feeling that something is “off” or “not quite right.”

You may try to do digging on this person, to see what you can uncover.  Then, you will feel justified if you find something.

If you have this feeling of mistrust, it is important to look within yourself.

Why is this?

The Spiritual Law of Projection.

This law states that you project what you possess inside of yourself.  You can only see yourself.  You can only hear yourself.  You can only criticize yourself.

If you are verbally expressing something about someone else, it is because you see a piece of yourself in that person.  You may say, “She is beautiful.”  This is a projection of the beauty you feel about yourself.  You are able to see it in that person.

It is easier to accept that when we criticize someone else, it is a projection of something that is deep within ourselves.  We project our insecurities onto others.

Many times, highly-sensitive-people (HSPs) will assume they are absorbing the energy or thoughts of others, but are really projecting their own beliefs which trigger an emotional response inside of themselves.

When you are starting a new relationship, be sure not to project your subconscious beliefs or fears onto that person.  You may be seeing something that isn’t within that person; it is deep inside of you.

When you project your inner beliefs, you must learn to discern whether you have actually attracted something or someone negative because of your projections.  If you want to shift the energy you receive, you must change the energy you project.

Therefore, you must embody who you want to attract, energy-wise.  If you want to attract trust in your relationship, you must be trustworthy yourself.  Focus on building the ideal version of you.  No one else can be you, or control your energy without your consent.  Your future is in your hands.

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