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Aragonite – Metaphysical Meaning & Properties


Aragonite for Grounded Growth

Aragonite is a crystal form of calcium carbonate. It can form towers of stalactites and “cave flowers.” After lots of time, it can eventually turn into Calcite.  Aragonite can be white, brown, yellow, gold, blue, or green, and can grow in different formations.

If you are drawn to Aragonite, it may be because you are under stress.  Aragonite helps to ground, and allows oneself to be fully present in the now, instead of worrying about the past or future.  It is a great stone to work with if you are burning the candle at both ends, and need a break.  It helps to create patterns of discipline, such as with a new exercise routine.

After identifying key areas of ourselves that we would like to enhance, such as our career, our love lives, our family live, our health, our spirituality – it is ideal to make a list of measurable goals in order to catalyze growth.  Aragonite can help us stick to those goals, so we become better versions of ourselves.

Aragonite is a calming stone, as it is very connected to the earth.  Earth signs would feel very comfortable working with Aragonite, but other signs lacking connectedness to the physical realm would benefit even more.  It helps to connect spiritual energy to our physical earthly bodies, so we may become centered and focused.

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